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1990:          UC Berkeley (Supervisor: Hanna Pitkin)‎

Appointments at the Hebrew University

1991:           Lecturer

1995:           Senior Lecturer (tenure)

2001-2007: Founder and Director of The Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy and Civic Education

2008:          Associate Professor

2009-2011:  Head of The Federmann School of Public Policy & ‎Government


Other Appointments, Memberships and Fellowships

‎2014‎:          (forthcoming) Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund Exchange Fellow and Visiting Scholar,                            Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, University of Sydney

‎2013-2014:‎  The Grafstein Friends of HU Visiting Professor in Jewish Studies, University of Toronto

‎2005:          University Scholars Program of the University of Singapore ‎

‎2005:          Ralph & Roslyn Halbert Visiting Scholar, University of Toronto ‎

‎1999:         ‎ Selected by University of Toronto to be the first Charles and Andrea ‎Bronfman University

                   Professor in Israel Studies. (Declined offer for personal ‎reasons).‎

‎1998-1999:‎ Shoshana Shier Distinguished Visiting Professor in Jewish Studies, ‎University of Toronto.‎

‎1996-1999:‎ Lecturer and member of academic committee, The Sam Spiegel Film ‎& Television School,

                  Jerusalem. ‎

‎1994: ‎         ARIL (Association for Religion and Intellectual Life) Coolidge Fellow, ‎Harvard University Divinity

‎1991-1995:  Research Fellow and Head of Political Reform Program (1993-95), The ‎Israel Democracy                             Institute.

‎1989-1991:  Instructor, Program in Cultures, Ideas and Values, Stanford ‎University.‎

Research Interests 

Concepts and methods in political philosophy; Jewish political ‎philosophy;  The philosophy of Martin Buber; Language, mind and political culture; ‎citizenship and it constitution; democratic civic education; Israeli regime and society

Courses 2013-14

Language and Politics: The Case of Hebrew.


Courses 2012-13 

Dialogue, Relationships and Tikkun Olam in Martin Buber's ‎Thought (BA seminar); Approaches and Methods to Research in Political ‎Theory/Philosophy (graduate course); Political Concepts in Israel – Between Biblical and ‎Israeli Hebrew (graduate research seminar). ‎

English / עברית

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